WP4:Guidance on integrated air quality and health assessment systems

WP Leader: P. Viane, VITO


Elaborate a guidance document that condenses the results of the review phase (WP2) and design phase (WP3). The guidance document can be used to assess and improve current modelling practices in the EU for integrated air quality and health impact assessment.

Description of work

As these practices can vary from very simple to comprehensive methods the document will reflect this by considering a two-tiered approach in which the first tier will include  ‘simple’ approaches (e.g. what-if analysis or scenario analysis), while the second will include  ‘comprehensive’ approaches (e.g. full cost-benefit analysis). The WP4 will be organized in three tasks: 

Task 4.1 Guidelines elaboration

A first version of the guidance document will be based on the results of the review process (WP2) and the design phase (WP3). This initial version of the document will be drafted in parallel with the review process and will also be a source of feedback to the review process by indicating which aspects should be further explored in WP2. 

Task 4.2 Guidelines evaluation

The guidelines presented in the guidance document will be tested in practice by applying IAS. This quantitative evaluation using actual IAs will be done according to the two-tiered approach presented above:

- Tier 1 evaluation:  A practical evaluation for specific guidelines will be carried out with simple IAS approaches on a series of areas to be chosen among the available areas on which partners of the Consortium have built their experience.

- Tier 2 evaluation: A practical evaluation for specific guidelines will be carried out with more comprehensive cost-effectiveness analysis on at least two zones (Bruxelles and Porto Litoral).

Task 4.3: Guidelines finalization

In this last Task the guidance document (Task 4.1) will be updated and finalized accounting for the insight gained from the practical evaluation and testing of the guidelines (Task 4.2).