WP5: Dissemination and policy support

WP Leader: P. Thunis, JRC


- Dissemination, communication and capacity building activities,

- Establishment of a network community,

- Provision of publishable deliverables,

- Setting up of conferences,

- Communication to key stakeholders of the state of the art scientific knowledge on air quality and health impact assessment.

Description of work

WP5 will deal with the dissemination of the APPRAISAL main achievements. Communication activities are designed to promote and disseminate the project results to a specific audience represented by technical and political actors/stakeholders involved in air quality management and policies on a regional/local level. For this reason, different methods of dissemination described below will be used.

Task 5.1 Communication to key stakeholders and policy makers 

- Project website: Devoted to present and promote the project objectives and the technical-scientific bases. The website will be continuously updated to include the newest information and scientific materials.

- Wiki web tool: A specific part of the APPRAISAL website  will be designed as  Wiki tool for collaborative editing of the IA database by registered users.

- Project conferences: Two conferences will be organized. The first conference will be held at JRC half-way of the project. The final conference will take place in Brussels close to the end of the project, with the aim to present the set of final guidelines and its validation.

- Scientific congresses: The methodological aspect highlighted by the systematic review and the IAS design will be presented at scientific congresses, e.g. UNECE CLTRL-TFIAM and NIAM meetings.

Project brochure summarising the main results for policy makers.

Task 5.2 Communication to public

- Project leaflets containing a brief description of the project and its principal aims, the partners, the contacts and addresses where to obtain additional information.

- Project website: the Consortium will develop and maintain an active website where project results will be made available to the general public.

- Layman’s report

- Mailing list to provide both technical and general information to interested people.

Task 5.3 Ongoing support to the Air Quality review process

The Consortium will be available as a Consultant to the European Commission during the second and third year of the project. It will support the EU Air Quality policy review process. APPRAISAL will deliver guidance, identify best practices and favour the harmonisation of IAS applications in the frame of the EU directives, all information which might be relevant and useful to the EU air policy review process.