APPRAISAL project final conference Committee of the Regions, Brussels May 11, 2015

APPRAISAL FP7 project (that is ending on May 2015) aims at providing a methodological approach to address the design of air quality plans.
The APPRAISAL final conference objective is to provide an overview of the key results of the project, focusing on:

  • The description of existing Integrated Assessment methodologies (IAM) at regional and local scales within the EU;
  • The proposal of a decision framework for the design of Air Quality plans;
  • The showcase of two applications (on Brussels city and on Porto Region) of the decision framework, through advanced Integrated Assessment Modelling tools.

In addition to this, the conference will provide the opportunity:

  • to discuss how IAM is dealt with at the European scale: NEC directive and regional/local plans
  • to focus on tools providing information to the EEA e-reporting methodology, used to deliver the air quality plans contents to the European Commission;
  • to deliver key information of the SEFIRA FP7 companion project;
  • to focus on best practices adopted in EU regions to improve air quality.

The final round table will focus on the tools to define AQ policies required/needed by the directive in review.



Session I - Chair: A. Kentarchos (DG-RTD)

09:30, Opening remarks, A. Kentarchos (DG-RTD)

09:50, Needs for the AQD implementation up to 2020, A. Zuber (DG-ENV)

10:10, IAM at European scale, R. Maas (UNECE-TFIAM)

10:30, The APPRAISAL project, M. Volta (University of Brescia, IT)


Session II - Chair: P. Thunis (JRC)

11:10, APPRAISAL: IAM scheme and guidance, G. Guariso (Politecnico of Milan, IT)

11:30, APPRAISAL applications: Porto and Brussels, A. Miranda (University of Aveiro, PT), P. Viaene (VITO, BE)

12:00, Air Quality management in France: nesting national and local scales, L. Rouil (INERIS, FR)

12:20, IAM applications in the frame of the Lombardia region air quality plan, G. Lanzani (ARPA-Lombardia, IT), G. Gurrieri (Regione Lombardia, IT)

12:40, Inventory and effectiveness of measures to improve air quality in Germany by implementing air quality plans, A. Graff (UBA, DE)


Session III - Chair: M. Volta (UNIBS)

14:10, Needs in Public Health and Prevention policy, L. La Sala (Public Health and Prevention Department, Italian Health Ministry, IT)

14:30, Research findings in Health Impact Assessment, M. Williams (King's College, UK)

14:50, Behavioral changes in IAM, SEFIRA project, M. Maione (University of Urbino, IT)

15:10, Policy issues in EU AQ review: the NEC directive, J. Girling, (MEP, Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, European Parliament)

15:30, APPRAISAL support to AQD implementation - Round table, J. Girling (MEP), R. Maas (UNECE-TFIAM), L. Rouil (EMEP), E. Vignati (JRC), M. Williams (King's College, UK), T. Verheye (DG-ENV)

16:30, End of the conference