Air quality and health assessment

APPRAISAL is a European Project aiming at assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the various methodologies used within the European Member States for the assessment and monitoring of Air Quality.  

APPRAISAL intends to propose possible ways to improve these methodologies through guidance and to provide clear insight on the way local and regional measures are implemented, but also on the way their efficiency is measured.

APPRAISAL will provide scientific and technical support to policy makers in the framework of the revision of the European Air Quality Policy.

The main objectives of APPRAISAL are: 


Project objective


1- To perform an overall review of the AQ and health assessment methodologies


2- To analyze the limitations of the currently available assessment methods


3- To evaluate the possibility of implementing integrated assessment modelling tools

WP3, WP4

4- To communicate with key stake-holders, and in particular to policy-makers


5- To identify key areas to be addressed by research and innovation



APPRAISAL will be developed in two main phases. During the first one, which will last one year, organization, compilation, review and guidance work will be the main focus, whereas in the second one IAS guidelines will be tested in order to provide quantitative insisht to the APPRAISAL recommendations, and the review will be updated.