WP1: Coordination and Management

WP Leader: M. Volta, UNIBS


- Provide overall project management and coordination.
- Oversee the implementation of the project’s networking, joint research, and transnational access/service activities.
- Ensure efficient scientific, technical, administrative, financial, and legal management of the project towards both, the European Commission and the Consortium.

Description of work

WP1 guarantees the coordination and management of the project and will ensure that the project provides the expected deliverables according to the foreseen time-plan.

Task 1.1 Project Management

In this task the objectives are:

- To ensure the daily management of the Project to monitor the overall progress of the work, the production of the deliverables and submission at agreed time;
- To ensure the communications between the Project and the EC (representation at the regular Concentration meetings, participation to events organized by other projects, participation to EC organized events upon request, etc.) and to external organizations/stakeholders.

Task 1.2 Financial and Administrative Management 

This task deals with all issues regarding budget, legal aspects and responsibilities towards the EC including:

- Performing overall legal, contractual, ethical, financial and administrative management of the consortium;
- Responsibility for and timely delivery of the project deliverables and reports;
- Resource management and mobilization in order to optimise the project efficiency.
- Reporting to the European EC.

Task 1.3 Project Quality Management 

This task is especially devoted to the assessment of the quality of the work and the deliverables produced in the project. The objectives of this task are to ensure adequate quality of the outcomes of the project:

- Quality of the produced deliverables;
- Quality of the internal deliveries;
- Success criteria: that the quality of the work is according to the specified parameters so as to minimize iterations during the specification, the development, test and integration process of the output of the various work packages;
- Define quality parameters that all project action and documents should comply with.